Linnaeus university

For the establishment of Linnaeus University as a new university in 2010, the brand management was most important. We were to attract new students to the courses and to find a place in research and education. In the work with the new profile, we developed our own pictorial language and the images were of high priority for the university's new website. Unfortunately it turned out that web editors found it difficult to work with images in the publishing system, which in turn resulted in that we could not get the flow of images, or the feeling that we wanted to convey with the images as we had wished. In 2016 it was time to change the CMS and we chose Episerver. After comparing several imaging systems / image banks we chose ImageVault. The ease of uploading, cropping, and present images in different formats on the site is ImageVault main strength. We save lots of time and the result looks really great. Categorization and tagging with keywords makes it very easy to find the appropriate images. Going forward, we will make high resolution images available for example to the press. It will save time for us since we do not have to look up the images and in the meantime it will be easier for the journalists.


Linda Sohlberg, web coordinator, Linnaeus University
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