Thanks to ImageVault we now possess a really smart solution for storing all our digital media in one place. We have a joint asset library for the whole municipality and uses it to make sure that all assets are of good quality and automatically converts to the right formats for the intended use. Since the start of ImageVault we have noticed a change in attitude towards digital media - colleagues want to contribute to our new asset library and make it grow, unlike from before when everyone kept the images to themselves.


Now we can also have a more active discussion about digital assets - what is a good picture, what qualifies as high quality, high resolution, image rights etc. Suddenly all digital assets belonging to the municipality gets visual to everyone. Also, the attitude has changed, from “we don’t have any pictures” to “wow, great pictures!"


This project has been extra fun and was made possible thanks to new features in ImageVault that allows us to successively upload digital assets from Lunds' historical archive and make them downloadable for all Lund-citizens. We have already received positive feedback from people living in Lund, even without any real marketing about the launch the new possibility. People have a genuine interest in our images and it’s fun to be able to share them in such an easy way.

Karin Lilja, Communication strategist, Municipality of Lunds
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