In 2016, the process of renewing the web for Proton Group, from Episerver 6 to the current Episerver solution, began. The old web solution was rigid and had an industrial image manners that didn’t fit some of the business areas. To work creatively with personal images for each business area was therefore an important part of the project from the outset. The people working in Proton Group are important, and we wanted to show them that through the content of the websites, and of course, through the pictures published.


At the very beginning of the project, we discussed the possibilities of different imaging systems, but since ImageVault was part of the existing solution, the project team saw the benefits of continuing to work with the program. By choosing ImageVault instead of Episervers own image program, we also get benefits such as the ability to edit images.

The new web solution for Proton means that all business areas are still on the same web platform, but now with the ability to personalize their respective websites. In an early stage it was decided that the various business areas' images would be a major and important part of the web solution.


The move of existing materials in IV3 to IV4 was considerably more complicated than the project team initially thought. But when the images were well in place in the new CMS, everything worked just as it should. The number of editors in Proton is limited, and in order to relieve them from "unnecessary" work, we’ll allow all employees to download images directly from ImageVault in the future.


After a long development process, which included integration with business systems for some of the companies, the new websites were finally launched in March 2017. Protons' websites are now seen as an ongoing work process and we see great opportunities to continue developing our work with images in the future.



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