Tekniska Verken

As we are moving towards a more and more digital communication and with the  large flow of information, the visual identity has an key role. So a structured, accessible and secure system for handling our digital media asset is important to us. Previously, we put an inordinate amount of time searching for images in folders and editing images for different formats. When we started work on a new site, we had a tight schedule and saw that we would save a lot of time on a digital asset media system. Our choice fell on ImageVault who has an intuitive user interface and is well integrated with Episerver. We see great potential in using ImageVault for more than just the Web. Examples as that the organization can easily insert images into different Office applications, handling images with external agencies and as an external image gallery on the website. A bonus has been the quick and open cooperation with Meriworks.


Website: Tekniskaverken.se

Magdalena Green, Manager digital and social media, Tekniska verken
+46 (0)480 - 31 47 95
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