Municipality of Ronneby

When we were to build a new intranet in SharePoint during 2015, one of the questions was; How do we work with images in SharePoint? The intranet we were to replace was an old Episerver solution connected with an old version of ImageVault. Our external website was also an Episerver site connected with ImageVault as the media library. We knew that our editors were used to work with ImageVault, and therefore it was natural to look at the possibility of connecting it to SharePoint as well. And it worked!


I personally think that ImageVault4 that we connected to our SharePoint have many great features and a lot of potentials. I would like to give an example of a feature that I think is good, it will probably sound more complicated in the text than it is in reality, but I make an effort.


I have a picture that will appear in the news rotator, which in our case is 537x302 pixels, I go into the Image Vault, click on the image I want to use, choose the format "News Rotator," If I’m not satisfied with the automatic cropping, I click once on the picture, grabs the image, drag and adjust, when I'm satisfied, I click "ok", now my picture is cropped the way I wanted, and added to the news rotator.


It doesn't have to be complicated to do it right!

Tobias Gunnarsson, Web editor, Ronneby municipality
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