Municipality of Norrtälje

An important part of the new website of municipality of Norrtälje is to create an impression of the brand as a cutting-edge municipality. A big part of this is done by using different kind of digital media were also website visitors are able to contribute with their own images. With the new website a new web organization also formed and there has been an extensive focus on shifting the way which we interact with our citizens. The technique should be a mean that strengthen the editor in their daily work something we think ImageVault as a very user-friendly solution does. Our partner 7-minds have helped us form a relevant structure with vault and categories. This makes it easy for the editor to find the right file for the right opportunity and from there ImageVault handles most of the rest. This is something that facilitates the editorial work significantly.



Jeannette Örjansdotter, Project Manager, Municipality of Norrtälje
+46 (0)10 - 222 26 83
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