When we redesigned our website in 2010 one of the improvement points was that we wanted all the images gathered in one place for all of our websites. We also wanted to gain control over who that uploaded images and where they were used. Previously, we uploaded the images in folders and we had no control over who uploaded the image or who the photographer was or owner of the image. ImageVault solved our problems and we are now using ImageVault for the two both CMS system we use today. (Epi and Liferay).


Benefits for the site owner:

  • To use the same program for all imaging regardless which CMS we use
  • Gaining control over who upload picture
  • Gaining control over where the picture is used


Advantages of web editors and press officers:

  • Easy to upload and categorize images
  • Easy to find pictures through search
  • Get order of the files by adding tags
  • Get an official image bank of pictures that we can use for print and press
  • Not delete an image that is used by mistake




Bengt Nilsson, digital strategist, Mid Sweden University
+46 (0)10 - 222 26 83
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